Our templates

Our templates combine accessibility, usability, ease of use and elegant design. They are the perfect solution for your website.

Universal Design

Our templates follow the principles of Universal Design to deliver themes that are usable by the widest possible audience


Our templates are fast, they use specific techniques to lower the size of pages and speed the computation of the code

Advanced Style Customization

A very complete tool is available to customize the style, layout, colors and fonts of the template

Cross Device

We use the best practice of responsive design to be compatible with mobile devices and tablets

Readability Controls

These controls provide custom styles to improve readability, allowing visitors to change the font-size, font-family and to switch to a low-brightess theme or inverted theme

Accessible Slideshow

The accessibility slideshow is a separate Joomla module that can be installed in your website

Free version available!

A free version of this template is available to download, no subscription required.
Just Visit our gallery and download it now!