This page shows the different styles you can assign to your Joomla modules and menus. You can change the style of your modules using the options in the tab "Custom Modules style". It is also possible to set a custom style using the Module class suffix.

Apply a custom style using the Module class suffix

This tecnique is useful if you want to apply a custom style only to single modules.
Access the module settings from the Joomla interface, click on the "Advanced Options" tab and set the field "Module class suffix" to any of the classes list below.
Attention: you MUST place a space before the class text:

  • spacezf--block-coat--marked-default: The default style.
  • spacezf--block-coat--plain: this class applies some margin and padding but no style is set.
  • spacezf--block-coat--full-width: no style, no margin, no padding applied.
  • spacezf--block-coat--marked-light: this option sets a light style.
  • spacezf--block-coat--marked-dark: this option sets a dark style.
  • spacezf--block-coat--colored-red: this option sets a colored style. Note: you can replace "red" with the following colors: "grey", "green", "brown", "yellow", "blue", "black".
  • spacezf--menu-container: add this class only if your custom module contains a menu.