Template licence & Usage

How many sites can I use your templates on?


  • For personal use: there is no limit. This means that you can use our templates on unlimited websites as long as you are the owner and the creator of these websites.
  • For commercial use: single website. This means that if you were paid by a client to produce a website, you can only use the premium template on that single website. It is illegal to use the same template on multiple websites.

What's the license of your templates?

The free versions of our templates are relese partially under the GPL v2 licence, and partially under the EUPL v1.1 licence.

The premium versions of our templates are released partially under the GPL licence, and partially under our Terms & Conditions.

Can I share the code of your products?

The free versions are released under two free licences, this means that you can redistribuite the code in accordance to the GPL and EUPL licenses.

The premium versions are partially released under a proprietary licence, this means that you cannot offer our premium products unless they are used as part of a complete website paid by your client.

Can I resell, reproduce or redistribute your commercial templates?

No, you cannot resell, reproduce or redistribute the whole template. You must follow the conditions imposed by our Terms & Conditions. Also, you cannot claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified.