Zhong accessibility survey - Help us make Zhong better!

Dear Users,

As we're looking to improve the accessibility level of our templates, we have prepared a short and simple survey for the purpose of gaining accurate feedback from our users.

This survey is intended for people with disability, if your website or one of your clients' websites are accessed by such users, we ask you to send them the link to our survey:
The data collected will be used to shape the future of Zhong.

If you require any further information please feel free to get in touch with us.

Zhong Framework 3.3.0 Released

Dear Users,

I am pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.3.0. All templates have been updated.

This is an important release, it brings many changes to the accessibility features of the framework. I suggest all users to update your templates to this latest release by following the update process.

Major changes

  • "Full Access" layout and "Night mode" are now deprecated and disabled by default. They will be removed in a future release.
  • "Best Legibility" mode now applies only minor overrides to the template style and no color overrides.
  • "Fixed layout width" has been removed.
  • "Low brightness" has been added as part of the legibility options
  • The accessibility panel has been added to the mobile layout

Other improvements

  • The top-bar mobile link is, by default, visible only if the device is detected as mobile
  • Bigger font-size for all templates for better readability
  • Improved font-color contrast for all templates so that, by default, at least WCAG AA level is met
  • High contrast "Dark on bright" is disabled by default.
  • The "Layout width" menu in the accessibility panel gets hidden if the device screen is too small to be subject to any change.
  • "overrides.css" is now included only in default and mobile layouts, not high-contrast. A new file, "overrides_high-contrast.css", has been added for this purpose.
  • Improved screenreader accessibility for the default and mobile layouts.
  • Improved screenreader accessibility for dynamic sub-menus.
  • Added serif/sans-serif/bold choice as part of the legibility options.
  • Added cache-busting to CSS/JS assets.
  • Added Czech language.
  • Added slideshow pause-button and minor accessibility improvements.
  • More organized template administration page in the Joomla backend.

Zhong Framework 3.2.0 Released

Dear Users,

I am pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.2.0. All templates have been updated.

This is an important release, it brings some relevant improvements to the accessibility features of the framework.

Important additions and improvements:

  • Added "Text Resize" tool in the high-contrast layout.
  • Removed all "!important" CSS rules in high-contrast, nigh-mode and best-legibility modes in order to provide more compatibility with third-party extensions.
  • Only 3 numeric accesskeys are kept, this will prevent conflicts with combinations of key-strokes in certain operating systems and screenreaders.
  • Improved layout and colors for best-legibility mode and high-contrast layout.
  • Now the hidden screenreader message is showed only once.
  • Minor improvements to the aria attributes of the accessible slideshow.
  • Improvements to the "text relativizer" script.

If you need to upgrade your template to version 3.2.0 follow these steps.

Zhong Framework 3.1.0 Released

Dear Users,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.1.0. All templates have been updated.

Important additions:

  • Added "Alerts panel" component (with a new position "alerts-panel"). This component is useful to alert your clients of the use of cookies in your website (mandatory in most countries of EU). To learn how to create such alert, read the section The Alerts Panel Module in our installation guide, you will also find further information about the European Cookie Policy.
  • Replaced custom logo height/width with a single value: min-width. Improved logo/title/subtitle positioning system.
  • Added new position: "site-banner".
  • Removed render-blocking JavaScripts (faster page rendering).
  • Added "aria-haspopup" and "aria-expanded" to toolbox buttons (accessibility improvement).
  • Added font-size relativizer. This JavaScript will automatically detect any element with absolute font-size (expressed in "px") and convert it into "rem" (relative font-size). Not compatible with IE8 and below.
  • Added Google Analytics Anonymization. This feature offers more privacy to your visitors (deletion of the last octet of the IP-address prior to storage). It is designed to help site owners comply with their own privacy policies or, in some countries, recommendations from local data protection authorities.

Other improvements

  • Decoupled skin styles from core styles.
  • Added Joomla page-class-suffix to the body classes.
  • Added PHP helper-vars: footer-incline-scripts-top/-bottom, enabled reveal framework PHP helper, improved views helpers.
  • Added "mixins" concept to the framework JavaScripts.
  • Moved text-resize value from the body tag to the html tag (root element, useful for "rem" values).

If you need to upgrade your template to version 3.1.0 follow these steps.

Joomla 3.4 + Zhong Framework 3.0.1 Released

Joomla 3.4 has been released. If you are using a template based on Zhong Framework 3.0.0 it is advised to update to version 3.0.1 in order to get full compatibility with version 3.4. Customers can login to their accounts and download the latest template version. For more information about the update process, follow our guide, solution 2.

Zhong Framework 2.3.1 CSS patch

If you are using a template based on Zhong Framework 2.3.1 you can use this CSS patch in order to improve the compatibility with Joomla 3.4. Copy the content of the CSS code and paste it into JOOMLA_ROOT_DIR/templates/TEMPLATE_NAME/assets/custom-overrides/css/overrides.css.

Accessible Slideshow Update

Version 1.3.0 of the Accessible Slideshow module has been released. If you wish to upgrade your slideshow mind that an error "Module XML data not available" could happen. If after the update you see this error then you will have to remove the previous version and reinstall the module. This error happens because Joomla 3.4 has updated the way modules are installed and the previous versions of the accessible slideshow are not compatible with it.