Version 2.3.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of the version 2.3.0 of the Zhong Framework, all templates have been updated.
This release brings many important improvements (see section below).

If you are our customer and you are still eligible, you can download the new version of the template from the customer area of our website: login, then click on "My orders", select your order and download the template from the download link.
If you want to update your template to this version please read carefully our guide (section: updating the template).
Note: this release brings some modifications to the page structure and some backend parameters have changed. This means, if you choose to update your template, you might need to review your customizations (if present) and the template settings.
Important: if you update your template you also need to update the accessible slideshow.
You are welcome to contact us if you are experiencing difficulties with the update process.

2.3.0 Improvements

Some of the most important improvements of this release are:

  • [Added Languages] - Slovenian, Farsi, Malay, Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Turkish, Swedish, Swahili
  • [Fixed] The "simplexml_load_file()" Warning.
  • [Fixed] facebook crawler bug
  • [Fixed] custom user style module for left/right column position
  • [Fixed] cookie session bug
  • [Improved] Accessibility for screen readers and the full-access layout
  • [Improved] Best Legibility
  • [Improved] Welcome message
  • [Improved] Compatibility with Joomla 3.2
  • [Improved] Floating menus (if a menu is included in a right-floated column then it will "open" at its left)
  • [Improved] Aligned to Boilerplate 4.3.0
  • [Improved] Javascript performance
  • [Improved] Cookie unification + cookie performance
  • [Improved] Javascript tooltips (also for keyboard navigation and the high-contrast layout).
  • [Improved] Internal anchors navigation (improved compatibility for keyboard navigation)
  • [Improved] Removed image icons from menus, now only CSS elements are used.
  • [Improved] Accessible slideshow performance
  • [Improved] IE7 compatibility
  • [Improved] Windows Phone compatibility
  • [Improved] "accordion-block" snippet
  • [Improved] Night mode
  • [Improved Template] Revamped style for Color3
  • [Added feature] Social media options
  • [Added feature] Added several style customization options
  • [Added feature] Main menu alignment
  • [Added feature] Sticky side columns
  • [Added feature] Inline style modifier
  • [Added feature] Mobile custom logo
  • [Added feature] Best-legibility custom logo
  • [Added feature] High-contrast custom logo
  • [Added feature] Collapsable menus in full-access and high-contrast layouts
  • [Added feature] Collapsable menus in mobile layout
  • [Added feature] Collapsable menus in default layout
  • [Added feature] Custom style for mobile top bar modules
  • [Added feature] Margin and padding for main/side menus
  • [Added feature] custom width for the custom modules
  • [Added graphic modes] High-contrast: dark-on-bright, bright-on-dark and black-on-color
  • [Removed feature] "Mobile top bar style" and replaced with "Cufon" for devices and browsers that don't support font-face
  • Plus other minor fixes and improvements ...