CSS validation patch for Joomla 3

Starting from version 3, Joomla includes a very powerful front-end library called "Bootstrap". This library is very useful, however it doesn't validate correctly to CSS3. This is because bootstrap uses some CSS hacks to target old versions of Internet Explorer.
If your website uses Joomla 3 together with a template based on the Zhong framework, you can download this patch to make your Joomla website validate correctly.
All you need to do is to open the package and copy the three CSS files inside the directory "TEMPLATE_ROOT_FOLDER/assets/css/platform-core". Then make a backup of the old files (for example, rename "bootstrap-MOD.css" to "BACKUP_bootstrap-MOD.css", "bootstrap-responsive-MOD.css" to "BACKUP_bootstrap-responsive-MOD.css" and "joomla-platform-12-core.css" to "BACKUP_joomla-platform-12-core.css"). Then rename the three downloaded files to their original names ("bootstrap-MOD_CSS3-valid_v230.css" to "bootstrap-MOD.css", "bootstrap-responsive-MOD_CSS3-valid_v230.css" to "bootstrap-responsive-MOD.css" and "joomla-platform-12-core_CSS3-valid_v230.css" to "joomla-platform-12-core.css").

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues.