Updates subscription changed + Zhong 3

Dear customers,

The subscription type for the updates downloads has been changed from time based to version based. This means that the updates will not be limited to 6 months any more, from now on they will be available for the whole major release's life cycle. For example, if a customer purchases a template based on Zhong 2.x.x the updates will be available until the next major release is published, in this case 3.0.0.
I decided to switch to a version based subscription because this type will be more beneficial to customers and allows me to deliver releases less frequently but more quality focused.

All subscriptions have changed and now all customers can download the latest stable release: 2.3.1.
In the past, some customers may have paid additional money to renew their 6 months subscription. Some others may purchase version 2.3.1 just before the release of Zhong 3.0.0. If this is your case and you feel it is unfair after this change, feel free to contact me. I will evaluate the case and I am willing to offer a free update subscription to the next Zhong major release (3.0.0).

Zhong Framework 3 is under development

Version 2.3.1 has showed to be a very stable version and this will probably be one of the latest (if not the last) release of the 2.x.x cycle. I have started working on Zhong Framework 3, this new major release will not bring many new features, however the PHP framework core has been almost completely rewritten.

For any enquiries about your subscription or about the development of the Zhong Framework feel free to contact me.