Zhong Framework 3.1.0 Released

Dear Users,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.1.0. All templates have been updated.

Important additions:

  • Added "Alerts panel" component (with a new position "alerts-panel"). This component is useful to alert your clients of the use of cookies in your website (mandatory in most countries of EU). To learn how to create such alert, read the section The Alerts Panel Module in our installation guide, you will also find further information about the European Cookie Policy.
  • Replaced custom logo height/width with a single value: min-width. Improved logo/title/subtitle positioning system.
  • Added new position: "site-banner".
  • Removed render-blocking JavaScripts (faster page rendering).
  • Added "aria-haspopup" and "aria-expanded" to toolbox buttons (accessibility improvement).
  • Added font-size relativizer. This JavaScript will automatically detect any element with absolute font-size (expressed in "px") and convert it into "rem" (relative font-size). Not compatible with IE8 and below.
  • Added Google Analytics Anonymization. This feature offers more privacy to your visitors (deletion of the last octet of the IP-address prior to storage). It is designed to help site owners comply with their own privacy policies or, in some countries, recommendations from local data protection authorities.

Other improvements

  • Decoupled skin styles from core styles.
  • Added Joomla page-class-suffix to the body classes.
  • Added PHP helper-vars: footer-incline-scripts-top/-bottom, enabled reveal framework PHP helper, improved views helpers.
  • Added "mixins" concept to the framework JavaScripts.
  • Moved text-resize value from the body tag to the html tag (root element, useful for "rem" values).

If you need to upgrade your template to version 3.1.0 follow these steps.