Zhong Framework 3.2.0 Released

Dear Users,

I am pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.2.0. All templates have been updated.

This is an important release, it brings some relevant improvements to the accessibility features of the framework.

Important additions and improvements:

  • Added "Text Resize" tool in the high-contrast layout.
  • Removed all "!important" CSS rules in high-contrast, nigh-mode and best-legibility modes in order to provide more compatibility with third-party extensions.
  • Only 3 numeric accesskeys are kept, this will prevent conflicts with combinations of key-strokes in certain operating systems and screenreaders.
  • Improved layout and colors for best-legibility mode and high-contrast layout.
  • Now the hidden screenreader message is showed only once.
  • Minor improvements to the aria attributes of the accessible slideshow.
  • Improvements to the "text relativizer" script.

If you need to upgrade your template to version 3.2.0 follow these steps.