Zhong Framework 3.3.0 Released

Dear Users,

I am pleased to announce the release of Zhong Framework 3.3.0. All templates have been updated.

This is an important release, it brings many changes to the accessibility features of the framework. I suggest all users to update your templates to this latest release by following the update process.

Major changes

  • "Full Access" layout and "Night mode" are now deprecated and disabled by default. They will be removed in a future release.
  • "Best Legibility" mode now applies only minor overrides to the template style and no color overrides.
  • "Fixed layout width" has been removed.
  • "Low brightness" has been added as part of the legibility options
  • The accessibility panel has been added to the mobile layout

Other improvements

  • The top-bar mobile link is, by default, visible only if the device is detected as mobile
  • Bigger font-size for all templates for better readability
  • Improved font-color contrast for all templates so that, by default, at least WCAG AA level is met
  • High contrast "Dark on bright" is disabled by default.
  • The "Layout width" menu in the accessibility panel gets hidden if the device screen is too small to be subject to any change.
  • "overrides.css" is now included only in default and mobile layouts, not high-contrast. A new file, "overrides_high-contrast.css", has been added for this purpose.
  • Improved screenreader accessibility for the default and mobile layouts.
  • Improved screenreader accessibility for dynamic sub-menus.
  • Added serif/sans-serif/bold choice as part of the legibility options.
  • Added cache-busting to CSS/JS assets.
  • Added Czech language.
  • Added slideshow pause-button and minor accessibility improvements.
  • More organized template administration page in the Joomla backend.