The Zhong Framework - Features


Zhong is a Joomla Template Framework that combine accessibility, usability, ease of use and elegant design.
All templates in our gallery are built using the base theme of Zhong.

Universal Design

Zhong follows the principles of Universal Design to deliver themes that are usable by the widest possible audience, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.

Zhong also uses specific technique to enhance the accessibility level of the layout, such as the use of ARIA landmark and ARIA attributes, hidden section heading, skip links for keyboard navigation, HTML5 tags.


Zhong is fast. It uses specific techniques to lower the size of pages and speed the computation of the code. Some of these techniques include:

  • Minification of CSS, JavaScript and HTML code
  • Optimization of JavaScript code, such as removal of render-blocking code
  • Use of CSS transitions instead of Javascript animations
  • And much more!

Advanced Style Customization Premium edition only

Zhong offers a very complete tool to customize the style, layout, colors and fonts of the template. Note that in the free edition only the basic style customization is available.

Cross Device

Zhong is based on the best practice of responsive design to be compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Readability Controls

These controls provide custom styles to improve readability, allowing visitors to change the font-size, font-family and to switch to a low-brightess theme or inverted theme.

Note: These controls might be also useful if your website has special accessibility requirements, however note that most users with special needs already have tools to customize the look of web pages. Since Zhong is based on Universal Design, it is inheritly flexible to adapt to their customizations even if the readability controls are disabled.

40 Custom Module Positions Available

You can load your Joomla modules in 40 different positions.

Multilanguage and RTL compatibility

Our templates have been translated into: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Farsi, Malay, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Swahili, Norwegian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Hebrew, Slovak, Hungarian, Afrikaans, Thai, Hindi, Czech.
Please note: only the front-end is translated, the back-end (template administration panel) is english only.

Zhong's layout adapts to RTL languages.

Accessible Slideshow Premium edition only

The accessibility slideshow is a separate Joomla module that can be installed in your website; it is fully compatible with Zhong.


Our templates are developed to be compatible with all major browsers, tablets and phone devices.
They are tested using the following browsers:

Firefox Chrome Opera Internet Explorer Safari

Compatibility with Internet Explorer starts from version 8

Mobile testing using:

i-phone and i-pad android

Tested using JAWS, NVDA, Window Eyes, Voiceover screenreaders.

Many other features available!

There are many other options available for you to discover!

Visit our gallery you can download the free version of all our templates!